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Audiolibros Novedades > ¿Es posible vivir 100 años? (Is It Possible to Live 100 Years?)

¿Es posible vivir 100 años? (Is It Possible to Live 100 Years?)

Un audiolibro de
Henry Osal
ISBN: 9781509498871
Duración: 30.00 minutos
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"Booka Audiobooks presents the audiobook bestseller author Henry Osal ""Is it Possible to Live 100 Years?"" Lifestyle advice for living a more satisfying life, trying to increase our longevity naturally. Overcoming barriers to longevity that once seemed impossible are becoming m common every day. Scientific advances, particularly in the area of health, and better nutrition are enabling human beings to significantly increase their life expectancy. But the reasons that allow some people to prevail for over a hundred years of existence remain largely a mystery. After a year of research, this brief manual, which is not intended to be empirical or to make firm pledges, recommends a series of habits and tips collected from eminent scientists and interviews with people who have far exceeded the barrier of a century. I hope you find this as exciting to read as was collecting this interesting information has been for me, as I belong to a family with multiple cases of extreme longevity. "
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