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Audiolibro Fair Vengeance de Alejandro Khan - Novelas


Duración: 719 minutos

Fair Vengeance

Un audiolibro de Alejandro Khan - Novelas, publicado por Sonolibro

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A routine trip by a European politician to the United States will become the origin of the biggest political-criminal conspiracy in recent history.
Najla, a young woman disillusioned with the system after the unjust death of her husband, is going to fight for what the law has not given her: justice.  With the help of the young lawyer Alejandro Novely and the hacker "Bicho", Najla undertakes her particular form of revenge, as the only way to get justice, without even suspecting how their lives will change when they discover ... the unimaginable.
Thieves and hired killers, from Washington to Madrid, from Marbella to Panama to Mar del Plata, will be unable to stop the crusade of revenge that Najla has started to achieve a special form of justice.
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