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Audiolibros Novedades > Guided Meditation “Flowering Meadow”

Guided Meditation “Flowering Meadow”

Un audiolibro de
Nils Klippstein
ISBN: 9781509421336
Duración: 30.00 minutos
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A flowery meadow in the mountains, away from the worries of everyday life - a spectacular and glorious sight. What if you could be very tiny and carry out an expedition to observe the wonderful nature and feel its healing power? On our imagined trip you can dive deep into an exuberant vitality of a summer meadow. A feast for the senses in a sea of colors and aromas. After a hard day of work or in a phase of depression, this is ideal to feel vitalized again, to mobilize your strength and self-confidence with optimism. This guided meditation is for adults and has been recorded in the studio by a professional speaker so that it guarantees you the best and most enjoyable way to listen!
Experiencia Inmersiva Lejos de ser un audiolibro convencional esta obra está dramatizada con distintas voces para cada personaje, música y efectos sonoros, proporcionando al oyente una increíble experiencia inmersiva.